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At Matrix Fine Chemicals we enjoy and are passionate about what we do.
It is not just about the product, but we believe that we provide a valuable service package to our clients - more often than not we can find a solution to your needs, when no-one else can.

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Research and Development

Matrix Fine Chemicals offers focused, flexible, route scouti...

Custom Synthesis

Matrix Fine Chemicals offer a full range of services in comp...

Outsourcing your Production

We help you to outsource your production to our selected and...

Solutions for Chemical Purchasing and Procurement

Unpredictable market trends can cloud your view of future fi...

Reliable. Efficient. Cost Effective.

Reliable. Efficient. Cost Effective.

Our main focus is to help our clients by providing solutions for 'hard-to-find' key raw materials and pharma intermediates. Where the chemistry is novel you can take advantage of our rich pool of research and development experience. We can provide you innovative and efficient solutions to a variety of challenging projects.

Chemical process research and development is a part of our success. Our main target is to find the best solution for our customers in regard of cost and quality. Let us improve your yields through lower costs. Swiss precision, delivered on time.

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Always one step ahead for your benefit

Always one step ahead for your benefit
We constantly identify, qualify, select and maintain relationships with worldwide producers and synthesis partners. All suppliers are audited on a regular basis.

Always one step ahead for your benefit
We use our market and product knowledge to provide the optimum solution for our customers.

Always one step ahead for your benefit
We respond rapidly to order requirements, overseeing them from order placement through to delivery, ensuring customers are kept informed of the order's journey at all times.

Always one step ahead for your benefit
Quality control testing is of crucial importance and we guarantee the quality of the supplied products, so you can be confident that your chemical supplies will perform.

Always one step ahead for your benefit
We are used to working within a strictly controlled, confidential and if desired exclusive environment with our clients that ensures all sensitive data, results and analysis are protected.

Always one step ahead for your benefit
Our aim is to select producers and synthesis partners that have a safe and healthy working environment for their employees, while acting responsibly with respect to our environment.


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